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I'll update his main art... later. He's just so hard to draw-- no, no, that mask is hard to draw. Maybe I should practice by sketching it daily. But I did update his close up... with a maskless thing, because hey, sure. 


:bulletblack: UPDATED INFO
:bulletred: OPEN FOR RPS 


Name: Vasileios
Nickname: N/A
Age: Looks about 32.
Birthday: Jan. 01 ????
Gender: Male.
Nature: Serious
Species: Giratina
Habitat: Distortion World 


Main traits:
| Stoic || Natural leader || Quiet || Violent || Stubborn || Highly protective  |
Sub traits: 
| Angry || Vindictive  || Control freak || Rebellious 

Vasileios comes off as very emotionless, or at least, lacks a true reaction to most things. Most things do not phase him in the slightest, and he is one of those people that would do little more than raise an eyebrow if his house blew up in front of him. He forces his emotions under control, and shoves feelings down his own throat to perhaps restrain any reactions. The reason for this is he is violent, incredibly violent. This trait is easily provoked, he craves to fight, and to maim. But after many years, he has learned to simply restrain from letting that out, merely coming off as quiet and distant instead. 
He is also incredibly stubborn, and it is hard to change his mind. Once he sets his mind to something, good luck getting him to change that. Perhaps part of this is his natural ability to lead. He feels as though he were born a ruler, and does enjoy running things, perhaps to an excessive extent. This makes him a control freak, as usually, though his rule is a strong rule, he is  highly controlling over how things are to be operated, and will enforce them with an iron fist. 
Perhaps leading into more problems, those who disagree with him are seen as traitors and he is likely to get revenge. He does not take defeat or betrayal well, nor does he enjoy being embarrassed or shamed. As a "ruler", of course, makes the rules, but in Ondine, is not a ruler. When not in control, he tends to push back against authority, or rather, break the rules. He does not abide well to regulations unless they are made by himself. 

Much is kept under his emotionless demeanor, but even deeper down, are perhaps more pleasant things. Naturally, he is extremely protective of the land he calls home, and his close friends. This is the most prominent, pleasant personality trait he willingly shows. If he finds your company acceptable, then he will stop at nothing to defend you. His walls are not easy to break down, but once you do, he's much more laid back, and agreeable. If you gain his trust, his controlling personality may turn much more caring. 


Violent indeed. 
Me? Banished to the Distortion world for violence? It was… unthinkable, unreal. Fighting was my way of life, was it not? So what if I pushed a few around, raised my voice an octave too loud, to get my way? In the end, it was every man for himself, correct?
Apparently not. 
You may know me as many things. Perhaps, by the name of my species- a Giratina. Perhaps by the nickname I have deserved to be given, the Renegade pokemon. But the name given specifically to me is Vasileios. 
The beginning? A blur. A haze. I remember thoughts, longings. Parents? I do not know if I had them. I suspect that I did. I remember longing for power, to rule over anything I could, no matter what the price. Perhaps I was a child at one point in my lifetime. I don’t remember. Only very small flashes and memories. I knew what I wanted to be when I was younger, something with power. I think I had brothers. Think. 
Adolescence came and went, and I vaguely remember gaining power from anywhere I could. I needed this power for… my dream, whatever it had been. 
The fame of power was short lived, though. 
To put this in the lightest way- I was banished to a world with nobody else, so that I may never commit a violent act ever again. At first? I wished nothing more than the worst for the one, the one who condemned me, I wished them pain, distress, and yes, even death. Violent death. 
But the anger receded. It was pointless to spit out curses to empty air. 
Every passing day was more of… a ritual. A passing, setting up a mental schedule so that every day, certain tasks got done. Check for assurance that everything is in its correct spot. Keep watch for any possible intruders. Clear away blemishes. Every day was monotonous. Every day was boring. Until I found it. A way to gaze upon the earth. 
I could see anywhere—anywhere there was a reflective surface, at least. I could observe. I could learn about the place that had exiled me. It was… fascinating. But only for so long.
I remember the first time I saw it—something… metallic. I did not know the word for this new human thing. But it was crushing trees effortlessly. It was no beast, was it? Why was nobody stopping it? My nature was destructive, but this was a threat to my former home.
For days upon days as I watched, more and more machines were popping up, and it was sickening. I needed to do something to protect my… home. Or, what I still clung to as my home, even after all these years. It had been so long, but oh, I craved to get out of this place, this place I had been stuck in for so long. And finally, I managed. I did it. I opened up a portal, and I got out. 
It was a terrible decision. 
What I saw… was not the world that I remembered. I saw strange metallic buildings, and humans everywhere. Humans destroying the nature, the world that we had given to them… they were taking for granted. I could not stand it. Lost on my direction, I wandered into a forest to stop one of those metallic… things. I waited for many hours, until I spotted one. I approached, ready to deal this strange metal thing a blow that would surely defeat it. But something—someone—stopped me. 
I paused, pausing in my steps, to turn and see… another legendary. A virizon, was it called? It looked as though it had packed its lifetime collections, carrying a multitude of bags with various objects inside. 
“There’s no point.” It said, and I simply narrowed my eyes, making no reply, keeping still and eerily quiet, backing back into the protection of the trees and bushes, away from the metallic beast that threatened to destroy what was once my home any second. 
“It is going to take the humans a long time to mend their ways. But there is one place you can go where they cannot touch.” My eyes narrowed, the thought of the distortion’s world loneliness skirting my memory. Not again. 
“Here, I am going there now. You can come with me if you wish, Giratina. ” Without another word, she turned on her heels to head to this… ‘safe place.’ 
And what else was I to do, but see for myself? 

Summary characteristic: Strongly Defiant
Hobbies: Learning more about the human world, reading, cooking, and perhaps exploring. 

-Shadow Force- (Ghost/Physical/Level up) The user disappears, then strikes the target on the second turn. It hits even if the target protects itself.

Aura Sphere- (Fight/Special/Level up) The user looses a blast of aura power from deep within its body at the target. This move is certain to hit.

Draco meteor- (Dragon/Special/Tutor) Comets are summoned down from the sky onto the target. The attack's recoil harshly reduces the user's Sp. Atk stat.

Shadow Sneak- (Ghost/Physical/Level up) The user extends its shadow and attacks the target from behind. This move always goes first..


✔Extremely powerful
✔Natural instinct to lead
✔Very good battler
✔Decent cook

✘Holds grudges
✘Clumsy on his own two feet
✘Antisocial and unwilling to socialize 

Extras/Fun Facts: 

♦ Vasileios is very, very tall. I've always ranged to 7-8 feet tall. 
♦ Not a very good person. If he were given the opportunity to take control and rule again, he would not hesitate for a second.
♦ It's not easy to make him laugh
♦ Doesn't enjoy being social, and tends to lock up/get awkward quickly upon social interaction
♦ Levitates. ALL THE TIME. Never walks, clumsy and slow if forced to. 
♦ Has a bad temper. Tries to control it. When he can't, forces himself to shut his mouth and trudge off to sulk. 
♦ More softhearted on "children" (0-16) than on adults. Much more protective, instantly.
♦ Aromantic, doesn't seem to be looking for a partner, but his mind could be swayed with some coaxing.
♦ Would enjoy being addressed as "sir"/"lord" ; Vasileios. He'd probably pay more attention if addressed this way. Don't do it though omfg his ego does not need to get any bigger
♦ Still seems to be very bitter about the distortion world. Will not talk about it. 
♦ Hates closed in spaces
♦  Uses his porn worthy tentacle... whatever those are-- as extra arms, and can carry quite a lot of stuff with them. He'd be a good person to go grocery shopping with. *SHOTSOHARD* 
♦ Highly flattered by people caring for him and wanting to be around him. 


You get a medal if you read all that. 

Vasileios/Art- Me
The beautiful application is Jamie's. 

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king-satan Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014
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